Texas Genomics Core Alliance helps accelerate your research with optimized workflow pipelines from sample preparation to generation of results. SEE PRESS RELEASE
Innovative Partnership
Texas A&M University and The University of Texas at Arlington have established The Texas Genomics Core Alliance to increase access and decrease costs to cutting-edge, high-throughput genomics sequencing technologies.

Don't Compromise

With vast expertise spanning two best public research universities in Texas, you can be rest assured that your experiment is in good hands. We will strive to assist you at every step of the way from consulting regarding sample preparation.

Never Wait

Our motto is to not only provide you the best expertise in sequencing your samples but at quick turn around time.

Turnkey Solutions

With vast expertise in developing custom algorithms for high throughput data analysis and expertise in deploying cutting-edge software solutions in high-performance computing environments, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our analysis pipelines tailored specifically for your data analysis needs.

Sequencing Services

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Dr. Todd Castoe
Associate Director, North Texas Genome Center
Dr. Andrew Hillhouse
Associate Director, Molecular Genomics Workspace, TIGSS
Kelly Sheff
Center Manager, North Texas Genome Center
Kranti Konganti
Associate Director, Bioinformatics Workspace, TIGSS
Dr. Zibiao Guo
Senior Research Scientist, North Texas Genome Center
Nicholas Wolff
Research Associate, Molecular Genomics Workspace, TIGSS
John C. Blazier
Research Associate, Bioinformatics Workspace, TIGSS
Sarah Sharpton
Research Associate, Molecular Genomics Workspace, TIGSS
Kelli Kochan
Research Associate, Molecular Genomics Workspace, TIGSS

Texas Genomics Core Alliance

The alliance, signed by UTA’s North Texas Genome Center and Texas A&M’s Institute for Genome Sciences and Society, brings together the expertise and resources for large-scale genomic sample preparation and bioinformatics analysis at A&M with the massive sequencing capacity housed at UTA. This partnership will increase sequencing capabilities available to investigators at both institutions while decreasing the cost and time required for data generation.

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